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HYDROIONICS Ltd. has specialists capable of developing new products at the request of the client.


Pellet hopper

The pellet hopper, which we at Hidroyonix can make for you, is used for storing and feeding pellets to bags where they can be packed. At the bottom of the hopper there is a semi-automatic valve, through which the amount of pellets is dosed when they are poured into the bag.


The belt conveyor is a facility for continuous transport of briquettes, grain and all kinds of crushed timber with a maximum size of 50x10x5 mm on horizontal routes or at an incline of up to 45 º


The drying is realized in a drum drying chamber located horizontally. The shredded wood with dimensions of about 8 mm is fed into the inside of the drying chamber by means of a rotary dispenser or a screw conveyor.

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